Which coffee maker to buy for you

History of the coffee maker

Do you not know what coffee to buy for your home? but have you ever wondered who invented the coffee maker? The short answer is, Melitta Bentz in 1908. Melitta Bentz invented the first coffee maker drip using a filter made of blotting paper. Since the coffee maker drip it is what people usually think of when you hear the coffee maker, this is the quick and easy answer.

The turks were known for preparing coffee in the year 575 d.C. and the history of the coffee maker really begins there. A large part of the history of the coffee maker has been lost with the passage of time, so that no one knows much about the history of the coffee maker from the time of the turks until 1818, when it was created the first coffee.

Today, there are literally hundreds of machines coffee by drip in the market, all variations of the first coffee machine. Can immortalize any of the new models in the history of the coffee maker? Only time will tell.


Types of coffee maker

The coffee machine totally depends on the life style and the type of coffee you like so which coffee to buy depends on your particular tastes. We understand that the choice of a suitable machine can be difficult for you; this article can help you to find your need.

As there are many types of coffee makers available in the market with different preparation procedures.

Recipes with Coffee Flavors and Inspiring Energy

So, let's take a closer look at the procedures to be followed behind the different coffee makers.


Which coffee maker to buy

Surprised by the difference you can make one of the best coffee makers. Not only get a top-quality coffee, an improved flavour and an aroma more attractive, but they will also have the pleasure of using a machine of the intuitive and flawless design.

In addition to all this, comfort is the key: after all, you don't want to be waiting for you to lift your mood in the morning; a good coffee maker will be quick to prepare, without sacrificing performance.

This all in one coffee maker seems unrealistic, especially if you're buying with a small budget. However, there are a few coffee makers that are striving to meet all the requirements.

Analyses from the initial configuration to the general ease of use and, of course, the important flavor of the coffee produced. So, whether you're looking for a good quality-price ratio as if you want a model with all the bells and whistles, we're here to help. These are the best coffee.


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Coffee Drip

This is a machine fairly simple to use. The method of production of coffee by drip or filter it originated in Germany in 1954.

It consists of a filter is mainly of two types, the filter paper that needs to be changed every time you prepare your coffee and the filter made of metal or plastic that are permanent just has to be cleaned.

Mainly people use the paper filter, but some say that gives flavor to the role. In reality, the filter paper to absorb the oil extracted, this oil is that it helps to give a wonderful taste to the coffee, while the metal filters do not.

Comparison of the best coffee makers of the year

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Coffee Capsules

An espresso machine capsule mean that you don't have to worry about buying coffee beans, grind them and toast them. Each capsule contains exactly one dose of coffee and capsules can be recycled.

These coffee machines produce consistent results that are notoriously difficult to achieve using espresso machines, standard, and most models of coffee machines traditional.

With a machine capsules, simply load the capsule, press the button and out comes a stream of black gold, covered with cream as good as the last.

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Coffee Maker French

When you really need a coffee super strong in less time, this is the best thing you can have. Although the French press is also called Press Pot, Coffee Press, Coffee Plunger, Cafetiere or Cafetiere a piston so there is no need to worry since they work under the same principle.

The French press is the easiest way to get a good cup of coffee. He poured hot water with ground coffee that thick to strain out, offers a strong character of coffee.

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Italian Coffee Maker

The Moka is widely used in Italy and was founded in 1933. The Moka melds the uniqueness of the Espresso and coffee maker. It consists mainly of three cameras for the water, the ground coffee and freshly brewed coffee.

The water is filled into the lower chamber and the ground coffee is fine in the central chamber. When you apply the heat source to the water travels through the chamber, overcoming the coffee grounds to the final chamber that can meet your demand of espresso in a minute.

A Nespresso coffee machine the 12 Best of the year

Manufacturers such as Bialetti moka produces a rich, authentic espresso in a matter of minutes.

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Coffee Maker Portable

A good cup of coffee can be a struggle when you are traveling. If you want to take your coffee how you like it, why don't you prepare yourself? There are a lot of coffee convenient that you can use in any place.

Because there are so many options, choosing which coffee to buy can seem difficult. If you love your coffee, you'll want to pack the best coffee of the trip for your travel style.

So let's look at what is available to us, the addicted to coffee and travel. Whether you are camping, on vacation, or traveling by car, bring one of these coffee makers compact in your travel luggage, there's something here that will keep us all caffeinated rainforest holly trees away from home.

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Coffee Combined

The coffee combined they are multi-purpose devices that allow you to prepare not only a cup or (in some cases) a jar of coffee, but also lattes, cappuccinos and even iced coffee.

What a great advantage? If you're the kind of person that keeps a coffee maker, a coffee maker, an espresso and a cappuccino milk separate in your kitchen, combination machines will help you to have everything in one.

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Coffee Geeks

Some days, even the superheroes more young people need coffee. These amazing coffee you paint the day. Start your day with a heroic cup of coffee cut or espresso.

Our particular tastes are the things that make us unique make a place in the home for one of these wonders.

The 5 Combos Espresso and Coffee Combined

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Espresso coffee machine or coffee maker express

The espresso machine can seem mysterious and intimidating, but you need to know is the basics, after that, you can give pleasure and to feel like a barista. The espresso machine was invented in Italy in the NINETEENTH century.

It got its high consumption in the US and Italy. Espresso machines are commonly 3 types; semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic, which vary according to the method of the pump and the method of pressure for the type of espresso coffee.

The method of the pump is used in semi-automatic machines while the pressure method is used in automatic machines. The espresso machine basically force the hot water through the coffee finely ground directly in the cup, demitasse.

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It is the world leader in machines, capsules and accessories of coffee. Enjoy today coffee espresso, cappuccinos and coffees with the coffee machines.

Enjoy a quality coffee with just the push of a button.

Try our varieties of coffees, with their three families aromatic gourmet: intense, balanced and fruity/floral.

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Enjoy your reading while sipping a good coffee, we appreciate your good taste cafeteraexpress.club.

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